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TI-83 Plus Instructions 1. To calculate present value of uneven cash flow streams. You can use this method for even cash flow streams also. a. If you have i=10%, CF0= -1000, CF1=2000, CF3= 3000, CF3=5000 b. Turn Calculator on c. Go to APPS d. Press Finance e. Scroll down with arrow key to 7. NPV f. Press Enter g. The format of calculating PV of this kind of cash flow stream is (Rate, CF0, {CF List}, {CF Frequency}. In this example above, you will enter in the following format: (10, -1000, {2000, 3000,5000}) i. Hint- if there is no CF0, then Enter 0 in its place. h. Press enter to get Net Present Value of this stream. 2. You can use the following feature to calculate any unknown value in annuity stream or a simple case where there is no pmt. a. Turn Calculator on b. Go to APPS c. Press Finance d. Scroll all the way up to 1. TVM Solver e. Press Enter f. All 4 known variables should be entered in the appropriate place by taking the cursor there. E.g. you want to enter n, take the cursor to n and enter no. of years. In the end, you should enter 4 variables. Also, any value which you are not given should be set to zero g. Make sure all the way in the bottom, your calculator is set to END mode. And C/Y and P/Y is set to 1. h. Whatever you need to solve, e.g. if you want to solve for I, take the cursor there, press ALPHA and then Press SOLVE. 3. To set the calculator for 4 decimal places. a. Press Mode key, scroll down to FLOAT line. Use the right arrow key to highlight desired (4) and press Enter. Press 2nd and Quit to exit the

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