Raving Fans Essay

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Raving Fans Ken Blanchard Culminating Activity Book Report Table of Contents Page 3 – Introduction Page 3 and 4 - Summary of the main points Page 4 and 5 – Concept relating to the main point of the book Page 5 and 6 – Personal reflection Page 7 – Work cited Raving Fans Ken Blanchard’s Raving Fans is a book based upon a revolutionary approach to customer service. The main character, referred to as “The Area Manager” is new to his job and doesn’t know where to start. Fortunately for him, he’s paid a visit to by his Fairy Godmother, known as “Charlie”. Charlie’s purpose is to show The Area Manager the three magic secrets of creating raving fans, the ultimate in customer service. Charlie stresses that just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore, and that the key to a successful business is to create raving fans. Differentiate and soar above the competition. Throughout the book, Charlie teaches The Area Manager what the three magic secrets of creating raving fans are by taking him to different business’s that have successfully applied the secrets. The Area Manager is taken to a department store, grocery store, manufacturing plant and a gas station where he learns from his Fairy Godmother and the store managers the ways and secrets to creating raving, spending fans. The main points within the book are the three secrets to creating raving fans. The first one being, “decide what you want”. This secret is learned from “Leo Varley”, the owner of the department store. The secret it then further expanded on by Sally, the grocery store manager. Deciding what you want is creating a vision of perfection centered on the customer. You have to imagine the perfect service you want to give the customers, and that perfect vision is the goal. With this it’s what you want as perfection that comes first. The vision then has to be
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