The Big Kahuna

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The Big Kahuna is a movie about three salesmen who organize a convention to get clients to sell them lubricants. Larry, Phil and Bob are the principal characters of the movie with different views of the world and different beliefs. During the convention they are trying to find “The Big Kahuna” a very important business man, Dick Fuller. What they don’t know is that the inexperienced Bob is the one that found him without even knowing it. At the end of the meeting they figure out that Bob had been talking to Mr. Fuller and Phil and Larry want him to find him at keep talking to him so they can sell him lubricants. The interesting part about Bob and Mr. Fuller’s conversation is that they never talked about business, all they talk about was God, Jesus and religion. The Big Kahuna is a movie with different metaphors. One of them is when Phil tells Bob: “the world is full of clocks, Bob. Clocks and mirrors.” In my opinion what Phil is trying to say is that in our society people is too busy worrying about time and looking their selves on a mirror to really see and appreciate what is really going on around them. We are constantly on a schedule; classes, meetings, work, games, appointments, that we are continually looking at the time and rushing everywhere we go, making our life go by without even noticing it. Other thing that I saw in the movie is that Bob is in shock about Phil being divorce. Bob says that he could see himself getting divorce and Phil tells him “The picture becomes very clear, after a very short period of time.” What I think he is trying to say with this is that a lot of times people judge other people without really understanding what is going on. From a religious point of view, sometimes people think that they have a clear idea of what is right and what is wrong and a lot of times people decline to accept anything less than what they think is right
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