Walgreens Customer Service Analysis

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We all know that customer service is when person A enters establishment X and expects employee Y to help with product Z. Now person A bases their entire opinion of establishment X and product Z on how employee Y treats them. From the equation, we know that X and Z are constant and Y is the variable, and it is up to person A to define that variable. Customer service is what employee Y provides to person A to influence the equation. Put simply, it is when you walk into a store and evaluate how good or bad the employee treated you, but have you ever thought about how the employee feels. Let us look at how retail employees become bitter and cynical through working at retail stores. For the sake of confusion, and the attempt to alleviate it, we are going to call our employee Dan, and the wonderful establishment he works at Walgreens. Dan, within his first few days of working for Walgreens has learned about the policies, his responsibilities, and given a few lessons on how to give good customer service. Dan is now facing his first customer and asks, “How can I help you?” the customer responds yes and asks where she can find the hair coloring. Our employee Dan politely responds “Aisle two ma’ams,” and continues with what he was doing. At this point we…show more content…
He is in the Photo department and stocks the shelves while he is not printing pictures, good job Dan for the promotion and 15 cent pay raise. A customer looks at him and asks, “Do you work here?” Dan looks at the customer, puts down the nuts he was about to put on the shelf, and responds, “no, I just like stocking the shelves, and wearing the ugly blue shirts and name tags that say Walgreens on it.” Now if only he said that. After only a few months, he has now started the transformation to becoming a bitter retail employee. The onset of this syndrome is fairly soon after you discover you don’t like the job your currently

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