Racism Still Tread The Soil Analysis

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Racism Still Treads the Soil There is a fine line between Racism and Simple Superiority Revived and full of life, racism is resuscitated to resume to its duties here on earth. The American population should really consider the development of an equal eye program to protest against racism. The simple shading of a person’s skin should not determine their ranking within any given society. A variety of opportunities and an ocean overflowing with waves of knowledge and talents would be buried for eternity just because of the vast disliking of different pigmentation of the skin or origin of their ancestors. Everyone should an equal opportunity to do something with their lives and become something of themselves despite their ethnicity. Andre Smith, an African American McKinney police officer, sat patiently with me and allowed me to enter…show more content…
This particular highlight of the case initiates something Smith and I finally disagree on. Continuing on the account of George Zimmerman, Smith goes on to say that “I personally do not agree with the statement of Zimmerman. Look at size and make up. Was a deadly force justified, was the situation a danger to him or any other citizen based on logic? And as far as Zimmerman claiming the Stand Your Ground law, does that mean someone should die at every quarrel because they have the right to ‘stand their ground?” Smith makes another valid point with his last statement. If the NRA was to nationalize this law, there would more “justifiable homicides” than ever in history. Ending the questioning of Zimmerman he stated that “If I was put into Zimmerman’s shoes, I would have stayed on the phone wit 911 and I would have been the best witness I could have been. I would not have pursued

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