Thesis Statement Against Euthanasia

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The article entitled “Should Euthanasia be practiced” addresses the position of the writer disagreeing on the use of the highly controversial practice of Euthanasia. This is also called mercy killing which refers to the practice of intentionally ending ones’ life in order to end the suffering of a patient. This is usually done when the patient is suffering from an illness usually terminal. Furthermore, the author also cited the heavy use of this similar violent process back in Germany during World War two in order to support his argument. The author is very explicit about his or her stand on Euthanasia as the thesis statement of the author has been mentioned in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. It is stated in the text that the practice of mercy killing due to their illness or a disability is an unnatural thing to do and should not be practiced as no one has the authority or the right to decide who to kill. The author also highlights its use in Germany during the World War two in which the government would decide who would be killed due to their inabilities. The Nazis have their own idea of what a perfect human race is and this is one of their methods for their goal. The problem that was discussed was its hypothetical conclusion that history might repeat itself. The author…show more content…
This could be due to the major discussion of the events that happened in Germany in World War two. Furthermore, the second paragraph looked like it should be the first one as it discusses the main idea. The second paragraph should have been the second one instead as it includes the opinion of the writer with the use of words like “should, why, and you”. There is a strong tone coming from opposition which should normally be present after discussing objective facts. This is all coming from the author’s lack of uniting and organizing the ideas in a single unified

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