Race Is Not Important in Slavery

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The concept of race has always been highly regarded in the study of slavery. Race is defined as the classification of a group of persons related by common descent or heredity. A person could be regarded as a different race by the color of their skin, difference in their cultures or lifestyle, or even region of the world that they are from. Race can be used to separate and divide people which can be seen in the example of slavery. The practice of slavery can be said to use race as a large factor in its enslavement of people. For instance, in every slave trade, there has been a large focus on the factor that most enslaved people came from various African nations. The people of Africa can be seen as hard workers because of their lifestyle and culture. Their agricultural way of living puts into light the experience that Africans have as laborers. It could be coincidental that all prospective slave traders flock towards Africa to fill their demand for laborers or that they believed they were superior enough to take those people and force them into a different life. This resulted in the unfortunate incident of many Africans becoming unwilling participants in the institution of slavery. One of the largest practices of slavery was that of Muslim societies in the Arab slave trade. More than 10 million Africans were taken and traded as a part of the Arab slave trade. This helps to assume that the target of enslaving people fell heavily in the people of the African race. However, a deeper look into the history of Muslim societies can show that race was not a question of matter in regards to slavery and its focus was not to objectify the people of Africa. The institution of slavery has been longstanding and present since the existence of many ancient civilizations around the world. In those times, it had become accepted and sanctioned by many different religions such as
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