Compare And Contrast Slavery In Africa And The Ottoman Empire

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Topic 2: Compare and contrast slavery as it existed in Africa, the New Word, and the Ottoman Empire. The history of slavery covers many different forms of human development and exploitation across many cultures throughout history. From the earliest known history of Africa, slavery existed. West African history encounters a major turning point with the introduction of the European slave trade. Although personal slavery existed as a cultural mechanism, its use was never as intensive as chattel slavery in the New World. Slavery in Africa was much different from the slavery in the New World. Slaves were acquired through warfare, indebtedness and punishment for a crime and had been treated like a part of the family and were integrated into the large society in Africa and the Ottoman Empire. In contrast, slaves had been bought by European and shipped to the New Word like property. Slave trade in Africa in existence for centuries was a key factor of European expansion and had…show more content…
Millions of Africans were shipped by force o America. The slave trade had many disastrous results in Africa societies. The slave trade became an important aspect of a dynamic and complex situation in Africa during the period from the 15th to 17th centuries. Slaves had been treated the same in the Ottoman Empire and Africa. Slaves in Africa and the Ottoman Empire were a part of society and had a chance to promote. However, slaves in the New World had been bought and enslaves for life. In spite of the negative impact if the salve trade, most of Africa remained independent and continued to develop under it owns political and cultural institutions until the 19th centuries. Millions of slaves died of asphyxiation, thirst, and disease during the long Atlantic crossing. They were packed into ships for the long journey to the Americas that are crowded and below
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