Essay On Slavery In The 1800s

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Aricka Reyes Professor Marshall History 109 28 October 2008 The Life of a Slave During the 1800’s Slavery was a very important effect during the 1800’s. Many slave owners believed that slavery was the main source of obtaining more wealth. Slave owners also had in mind that with the more slaves they posses the further they would be able to plant and grow. Which in fact slave owners were not wrong, the more slaves they had on their plantations the extra they will be able cultivate each year. However, at one point slavery was abolished in one side were as in the other side it was still approve. Certain slaves did not have a great life they were not being treated as they deserve. Slaves were often hurt, not given enough food and were being separated from their loved ones. Where as other slaves were living lives with a little bit more freedom and benefits. For instance some of the slaves had the…show more content…
Around the late 1800’s many African slaves came to the new world, Africans became slaves either because of debts or of a religious conflicts. However, slaves were granted certain rights such as education, parenthood, and slaves could eventually work their way out of slavery. In 1492 slavery was legalized in Europe, which lead the people to trade slaves for goods or gold in Africa. Unfortunately later on a technique came upon, it was use to transport slaves to different places which was known as the Middle Passage. The middle passage lead to the death of many slaves, since slaves were being place in ships at the very bottom. Slaves did not have much space and it lead to death or deadly diseases. Slaves were split from their families, chained together, disease spread among them; poor food and sanitary conditions started developing. Therefore, only a couple of the slaves suffer awful unwanted lives whereas other slaves did not suffer

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