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Michael Rios Ms. Patterson English 101 05/18/09 Race and Ethnicity in the Media Life is full of challenges and obstacles that try to hold us back even when the going has already been getting rough, but it’s our persistence, desire, and will that helps us get through the storm. In the case of an anonymous man who worked at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, the economic hardships that the country is enduring had hit him the worst being that he is part of the working class and had just received noticed of a possible layoff. According to Charity Perez, 31, whose husband works as valet at the hospital, said that he was a very nice man who was always willing to help others and had a family of his own including a wife and children to support.…show more content…
on April 16, 2009 does not describe the type of person the shooter was, but the effects of the impoverish conditions he was trying to overcome that had haunted him and unfortunately caused him to reach a violent boiling point. Long Beach Police Chief Anthony Batts said, “‘the motive of the shooting was still a mystery.’” He then went on to say that these suicidal shootings are becoming a national trend because of the tension going on today in our society. All in all, the entire article addresses the topic of race/ethnicity in a subtle tone in which it throws out key words and phrases that help us understand what kind of situation it is, where it’s taking place and ultimately the kind of people that are involved. Initially, no stereotypes were created or perpetuated in the story except for the fact that the idea of shooting others out in…show more content…
The article went all out in praising Mofya for the good person that she is and how many people out there that she knew agreed completely. Her life story was put onto a pedestal to shine where everyone can see how far she has come and the potential she could’ve reached after enduring so much. The article did not make any negative assumptions based on any racial/ethnic groups because it was simply a story made for people to look up to Mofya and see that anything is possible if you have the will and desire to do so. The newspaper greatly affects people’s understanding of race/ethnicity and race/ethnic relations in the U.S. because unlike these stories, in many stories when a minority such as a black/Latino commits a crime or is involved in something negative, everyone is going to view these people as “bad” people since they are constantly in the news for these malevolent behaviors. It’s like when a child plays a bunch of violent video games starting at a young age because pretty soon he’s going to get older and even though he’s not fully mature, he’s going to think that it’s okay to shoot people or to act out in a violent manner. When people are used to something for a while, it’s going to be really hard to change their mindset. The media basically puts a mask labeled “bad” on these ethnic groups by

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