Race And Ethnicity In The United States

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Race and Ethnicity in the United States The information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped me better understand or relate to a specific minority group. This group I would have to say would be all of the different ethnic groups. Each group as seen prejudice and discrimination, and still deals with it today. I have only learned that my own cultural history was racist more than I ever thought it was or could have been. I am astonished on how racist people were and are to this day. In my opinion if all the “white” Americans were to actually research their background, how many have a different ethnicity in them? I know I do and I am proud of it. In the year 2050 the face of the United States will have a higher immigration rate. The immigrations that are expected to increase are the Asians and the Hispanics. Whites are approximately 69 percent of the population but by the year 2050 the population will be down to approximately 50 percent this is due to low births and the immigration. The Asian population is expected to grow triple then what it is now, which will be approximately 33 million Asian Americans. The Hispanic population is expected to increase their population to approximately 102 million Hispanic Americans by the year 2050 ( Cosgrove-Mathers, 2004). The only way that this country can best prepare for the changing race and ethnicity of the current and future citizens is to get past color. Every one that is racist needs to accept the fact that there is going to be a change no matter how much they do not want to accept it. Another way that this country is going be part of the change is to understand each race. Relating to them (put their feet in the other ethnic group’s shoes) is to truly understand what they are all about. The only way we will all live together and get along is to put all the racism, prejudices, and

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