Quality Improvement Essay

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Quality Improvement
Opinion Paper 03/04/09

Every facility you work in has some sort of quality management in place. Quality management can be defined as a way for ensuring that all activities necessary to design, develop and implement a product or service are effective. It can be divided into three main components one of them is quality improvement. I believe the goal of quality improvement program in a facility is the ongoing improvement of the delivery, quality, efficiency, and outcome of patient care and services. This can be accomplished through continuous monitoring, evaluation of any activities that need improvement. For example some hospital have QI teams made up of nurses, physicians and other healthcare workers. These teams’ helps in ensuring QI are done in an efficient manner. According to (L.Long, 2003) “Influencing nurses to accept and implement best practice and continuous quality improvement into everyday nursing activities and to change practice is a significant challenge for any nursing service.” I believe including nursing in quality improvement teams can help influence them into participating more in quality management. Usually quality improvements are viewed by staff as another workload added onto an already busy workload. In today’s growing health care industries it is important that a hospital or facility has a well planned out quality improvement organization. Patient’s heightened demands for customer service excellence will require effective continuous measurement of patient’s opinions, and perceptions.

L. Long. (2003) Imbedding quality improvement into all aspects of nursing practice. International Journal of Nursing Practices, 9(5),
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