Q9. Examine the Reasons for Changing Patterns for Marriage and Divorce for Past 50 Years or so.

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Q9. Examine the reasons for changing patterns for marriage and divorce for past 50 years or so. Marriage is the legal relationship between two people in eyes of law. The changes that occur in marriages rate were that less people got married meaning there was a decrease in marriages when as the divorce rate had become more common meaning the have increased .Those changes were caused by reasons that will be examine in this essay. The main and most important reason for the decrease in marriages and increase in divorces was the fact that changing attitudes towards them. People now believe that is alright to get divorce is they are not happy in their marriage and with that the stigma towards divorces (Goody)had decreased as now divorces are day to day basis like the way we see in magazines articles about celebrities getting divorce and no one is against it anymore, when as before older members of the family would make the young couple stay together doesn’t matter what as that’s how they have been told. That the same for marriage as more and more people wants to cohabitate with their partner rather than get married as women now have more opportunities to work and set own rules about their life’s that before wasn’t possible. This leads to second important reason for the changes is which is the changes in laws. since women are earning money now they can afford to make divorce petition and the divorces had become cheaper. There also had been laws like equalising the grounds of divorces making it easier for women to divorce men when as before only men were allowed to divorce women for any reason when as women had to prove that husband did something that let her divorce him. This also shows the changing position of women. Changing position of women had also change patterns in marriages and divorce .Allan and Cow had contribute to this reason by saying that marriage is
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