Push And Pull Factors Of Immigration Essay

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Push and Pull Factors During the late 1800's and early 1900's, many immigrants came to America in search of new opportunities. There are many reasons immigrants come to America such as jobs, and to start a new life also known as pull factors, or the conditions that attract immigrants to a new area. The pull factors consisted of industrial jobs, cheap land in the American West, freedom guaranteed by the Bill o Rights, and the journey across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were cheap because steamship companies offered low fares for the ocean crossing. In places like Europe, political and religious persecution drove immigrants from their homes. They were excited about coming to America to be able to be free from religious and political persecution.…show more content…
Back in their own countries, immigrants were arrested and driven from their homes because they had different political views than the government or had a religion that was banned. Immigrants wanted to come to America to preserve their religion. In places like Russia, the czar supported programs, or organized attacks o Jewish villages. The Jewish people didn't want to be driven from their home any longer and decided to come here. Also, if people lived in a country with a strict dictator, they could be arrested without reason. If you were caught saying anything against the government you could be arrested or killed. This mad citizens angry and they decided to immigrate to America. In conclusion, freedom, jobs, and cheap land were all the major pull factors that made people want to come to America. The immigrants wanted jobs to support themselves and their families. The immigrants also wanted cheap land to have a new start. People also didn't want to be persecuted or arrested anymore, so they came to America for freedom. Also, the journey across the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean was free, which meant that they could come here for a cheap price, attracting them even

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