A Land of Promises and Immigrants

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Fredrick.O. Adeyemi A land of Promises and Immigrants “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus is a poem about the Statue of Liberty and how it welcomes new immigrants from all over the world to the United States. The Statue represents their stability, and hope of what they are going to get when they move to the New World. Many of these immigrants come to the United States because of political and religious persecution and shortage of jobs. They think that the United States will be a good place to escape these elements and for a chance to start over. Lazarus uses the Statue to portray encouragement for the poor and neglected immigrants to come to the “New World” which is America. The American promise for the neglected immigrants can be shown in the material wealth that is provided for them. The movement is not only in the people that are immigrating but for different economic reasons as well. They discover an opportunity to succeed as well as opportunities for material well-being .As Lazarus explain that “here at our sea-washed, sunset gate shall stand”(3).They view the New World as place to stay and get what ever they need, because they find hope in United States. Material wealth is not the only promise that will be met by the immigrants when they come to the New World. The New World promises equal job opportunities for the new immigrants. The new immigrants come to United States to find a job in order to get value for their Labor service. These immigrants view the New World as Land of opportunity .Ideally, the phrase “golden door” does not necessarily refer to actual riches, but to the opportunities afforded by the United States. The ideal expressed here is that the New World is a Land of openness receptivity, and hospitality. It is a new Land, a place of new opportunities. In the best sense, ”the golden door” is open and
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