Motives for European Immagration

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Question 2. Describe the motives that prompted various European groups (people) to migrate to America. How did the newcomers take advantage of their physical environment to produce different economic systems in the north, south, and middle colonies? What were the differences between indentured servitude and slavery? Explain how it was used and where. When Europeans decided to come to America it wasn’t for nothing, there were motives that persuaded them to settle in America. They wanted a better life and when they came they did their best to take advantage of their surrounding resources of the colonies they resided in to produce different economic systems in the north south and middle colonies. During all of these there was indentured servitude and slavery in certain areas. The main motive that pushed the Europeans to migrate to America was the search of a better life, one free of troublesome, one with religious freedom and one that they can succeed in. History texts places a huge responsibility on Religion being the biggest motive for the Europeans moving to America being that in Europe there was a single state of religion that had to be practiced by all. Although, religious freedom was key to the Puritans, Quakers, Catholics, and Baptists that migrated to America, it was by no means the sole factor as seemingly suggested in many textbooks. Settlers continued to come to the America colonies, Scotch-Irish and Swiss settlers came, too, in search of a better life, wanting to have land of their own and enough food to fill their hungry stomachs. ( In general, however, most historians attribute colonization to mixed causes. The thirst for land. The need for resources to support growing populations in Europe. The desire
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