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Immigration Family, friends, the comforts of home and familiar surroundings all became a distant memory for people when they immigrated to the United States. Immigration is essential to the American economy because it contributes to the overall growth of the nation's wealth, it successfully exhibits the economic capitalist model that our nation has come to possess and, above all, it promotes success for the immigrants' and the natives' descendents alike. To begin, immigration in its totality increases the total output of the economy. By welcoming foreigners from various countries with open arms, the United States is initiating the correct action in promoting its economic growth. When these new people enter the daily workings of American society, they contribute positively to both employment and consumption. Immigration critics argue that the net benefits to the U.S. economy from immigration, aside from the large gains to the immigrants themselves, are small. The mere fact that incomes are actually increasing despite the large increase in immigrants seems to support immigration all the…show more content…
One of the key arguments made by immigration critics is the decreasing wages of a particular class of our economy. The economic statistic that immigrants have reduced the wages of high school dropouts in the United States, is a key idea that critics use to support their anti-immigration views. However, when these critics focus on this minuscule setback affecting a select group, despite the financial stability or successes of the country's vast majority of people, they illustrate ignorance to the American economy's main goal: to make gains, in economic prosperity and proficiency as a whole. The American perspective isn't to promote economic equality, but rather to produce the maximum amount of wealth, regardless of how this wealth affects a specific class of

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