American Culture vs Vietnamese Culture

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America is known as the land of freedom and the land of opportunity. This is especially true when compared to Vietnam. Vietnam lacks many things when compared to America. Citizens in Vietnam will always look up to American for a source of a new life and an opportunity for a better life for the younger generation. The life of American citizen is pretty easy compared to the citizens that live in Vietnam because of the freedom, the power of choice, and the aid from the government. Back in 1945 Vietnam had no freedom; if the Vietnam war didn’t happen the freedom in Vietnam that is offer today would still be nonexistent but thanks to the brave soldiers of America and the soldiers of the South Vietnam the freedom is now available to all the citizens of Southern Vietnam. Freedom was hard to come by for the Vietnamese citizen, after the war was over freedom was slowly appearing all around South Vietnam and it slowly became more of a free country than it was back before the war. In comparison with America the freedom in Vietnam still seem non-existent. The freedom that is offer in America seems so endless because it has so many. The first freedom that comes to mind is the freedom to speech; America can freely express what inside without the worries of getting in trouble with the government. The citizens can go out and strike for better pay and the government wouldn’t arrest anyone. Furthermore American has the freedom of petition; citizen of America can call forth any cause and bring it up to the government and it will be discussed to find the best option for both parties; as for Vietnam the government doesn’t listen to the citizens. Government has the last say to everything what has been issue will not be change. The final freedom that American offers that Vietnam will not have for a long time is the freedom to bear arms, due to the fact of the war the government

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