public speaking and control room

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Public Speaking and Control Room The movie Control Room is a documentary film about the United State’s war in Iraq. It shows the international perception of the war accommodated by the Arab’s most popular and most controversial news channel Al-Jazeera. This movie was presented in the communication class to show how media and language are used to affect the perspective of the people and audience. Media is a big part for the coverage of the war. Depending on what the media or news show on television can affect the perspective of the viewers. The media can be used as a weapon or a tool. It is a means of empowerment. It is important to use ethical speech in the media. Ethics reflect a society’s notions of rightfulness and wrongfulness. Because the documentary is based on a war between two different countries, the cultures may have different values and beliefs on what is considered right or wrong. The use of propaganda can either help or harm a person or group. It is beyond persuasion and can add strength or push. The use of rhetoric and elocution are used for effective speech. It is important for the media to have trust and credibility. The speaker’s ethos creates trustworthiness, respect and credibility from the audience. In order to gain listeners such as people-oriented, action-oriented, content-oriented, or time-oriented listeners, one should not be bias or prejudice about different groups of people. The media’s main objective is context. It is also important to consider free speech. The news wants someone who is fair and balanced; not someone who just cares about his opinions for his own country. Media is also part of capitalism; they work for money. There is language barrier included in the documentary. Perhaps some of the translation may have been too vague or different than what the speaker is really trying to say. The language barrier affects both the
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