Censorship in Canadian Media

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Censorship in many countries including Canada is an official or legal way of filtering material exposed to the public. Censoring certain material is necessary in an environment where there is access to ample lot of information. Censoring materials is extremely important because it might be revealing far more information than what is needed to know. The exposed materials influence the negatives of the topic and it is also inappropriate information displayed. Censorship is more often used in media, which conveys and delivers material that have an impact on the public. The government decides what should and should not be censored. There are certain materials or information which is beyond what is needed to know. When coming in contact with the unnecessary information a person's maturity level can be more than that of a person older than them. Censoring needless material becomes an important decision for the government. In such cases media is the important target, since people learn and exhibit from media. Media plays an important role in influencing in both good and bad materials. It certainly depends on whether or not a person chooses to watch it. Even though there are advisories and warning before shows sometimes it has to do with addictiveness. When a person watches a T.V show it can stagnate in their memory very quickly. Mostly ending up learning far more than needed for the age. It has a negative influence on any age group for this matter. Censorship certainly helps those who might think it is inappropriate to display information. Parents might feel that their children have a certain age to experience or know the information. Canada is indeed a free country but that does not mean that people have the right to promote and express their views that might be offensive to others. Censoring indecent and obscene information is an important role of government.
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