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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A good definition for a database is: 1) _______ A) A text file with values delimited by commas B) A collection of related data C) A card catalogue D) A piece of software for managing databases 2) Redundancy refers to what database condition? 2) _______ A) All data is stored in tables B) You have more than one database devoted to the same thing C) The same data is recorded in more than one place in the same database D) A primary key is repeated in another table as a foreign key 3) Which best defines the function of a primary key? 3) _______ A) It uniquely identifies each record B) It is always a number C) It unlocks the data in a table D) It is the first field in a table 4) What best describes the function of a foreign key? 4) _______ A) A foreign key is at the primary key of one table repeated in another table in order to create a relationship between the tables B) A foreign key is a field telling what language the data is in C) A foreign key is a key that doesn't belong in the table D) A foreign key is redundant data 5) A database entity can best be described as: 5) _______ A) The person responsible for the database B) Something that describes a person or process C) Something the database is concerned with, for which data can be stored D) The database itself 6) Which of the following is the best definition for a database attribute? 6) _______ A) A principle the database must follow B) Something

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