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Running Head: DATABASE ANALYSIS PAPER Database Analysis Paper Michael Corey Ingalls CIS/205 University of Phoenix What Is a Database? Databases are designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information. They do so through the use of tables. If you’re familiar with spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, you’re probably already accustomed to storing data in tabular form. It’s not much of a stretch to make the leap from spreadsheets to databases. Different Databases Used In the Technical World There are several different database programs that are used in the technical world. These databases are used to store, send, and retrieve information of all kinds; from personal information, business information,…show more content…
By incorporating SQL into COBOL or C, it can extend these computer languages' use for accessing databases. SQL consists of 40 statements used for accomplishing tasks for database management, particularly the relational databases. RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) is the basis for SQL. The tables are the database objects that hold the data in RDBMS. Each table consists of columns and rows. The database engine is responsible for building or structuring the data in the database. It is also responsible for storing and retrieving data. It can accept SQL requests from application programs written by users, known as the DBMS (Database Management System) components. The components of a typical DBMS consist of forms facility, report writer, interactive query tool, application program and database front-end. Conclusion I know that this paper was supposed to be about database programs that are used in my work place or organization, however since I am not affiliated with a work[lace or organization to speak on then I am just giving some insight to two of the main databases that I have researched above. I hope this information is helpful for whomever may read

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