It460: System Analysis and Design Unit 2 Assignment

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I have successfully entered the SCR website. In the Data Library I found several bits of information. My main focus was in the “SCR Functions and Organization” page. I learned that the Executive Committee is comprised of Gary Smith, Thomas Campbell, and Harry Richards. I also learned that Shelly Grant and Tom Kleeman are the Project Managers. I also stopped by the Forms Library and reviewed how to complete a Preliminary Investigation Report. Question- can anyone submit a Systems Request or does it have to be vetted by anyone before it is submitted? Finally, I looked at the Resources Library. I did not know Alta Vista was still operational as a search tool. Is there a preferred search tool or are they all equal. So far all the information I have reviewed has been clear and concise. The first IT Consulting firm is Tarrytech. ( Tarrytech will respond in 60 minutes or less to your call. They offer remote login service to fix the issue quickly. If that is not possible they will send a service technician the same day. They also promise to speak in a language that not technical people can understand. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They do a risk analysis on your data. They promise to work with your budget and timeframe. They also guarantee an accurate invoice. Tarryteech seems like a good consulting firm. They make several guarantees that may be hard to meet though. Things happen in the IT business. But having a guarantee may make some customers feel more secure. (Tarrytech, n.d.) The second firm is Magenium Solutions. ( Mageium has four tenants that they help their clients accomplish; “grow their business, be more productive, stay competitive, and reduce costs” (Magenium, n.d.). They specialize in CIO and Cloud services, communications, core infrastructure, custom and mobile development, IT

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