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GB 560 Complete Course - Kaplan (All assignments And Discussions) IF You Want To Purchase A+ Work Then Click The Link Below , Instant Download http://www.hwspeed.com/GB-560-Complete-Course-Kaplan-43322333.htm?categoryId=-1 If You Face Any Problem E- Mail Us At JOHNMATE1122@Gmail.Com Unit 1 Assignment: Individual Project Over the course of the next five weeks, your assignments will build from one week to the next until, in Unit 5, you have a fully prepared Business Process Change document. Each week you will address specific issues that will add to what you have completed in previous units or will serve as a foundation for information you will add in future units. In Unit 5 you will be responsible for preparing and submitting…show more content…
Individual Project Details Below are the details of the tasks that you have to do for this unit: 11. Discover and describe at least 3 key performance indicators (KPI) for the suggested process change that must be continuously measured to ensure success. Ensure you separate out each KPI (don’t put your answers into a single block paragraph). 12. Conduct research (using the Kaplan Library or the Internet) to compare and contrast Six Sigma, the Balanced Scorecard, and ISO9000/9001 as different methods for preparing performance and completion metrics. Metrics are performance markers, utilized at different intervals during the process timeline, to measure adherence to schedule and attainment of goals. 13. Recommend one of the three methods evaluated in question #12 as the best one for your change process. Be sure to thoroughly support and defend your recommendation. Unit 5 Assignment For this Assignment you will finish using the Assignment Template you began using in Unit 1. Your submitted document will not only address the questions for Unit 5 but make the necessary corrections to your responses in Units 1, 2, 3 and4 (based on input from your professor). As a result the document you post will be a finalized project…show more content…
What additional information should be included in your specific change document for the process(es) identified? Why would those items need to be included? If no additional items or information is necessary explain why your document, as written, is thorough and complete as a process change plan. 4. Conduct a self-evaluation and describe your own performance and approach to the class throughout the semester. What was your initial impression to the course and coursework and how did it change (if any) throughout the semester? What recommendations would you make to an incoming student regarding how to be successful in the course? Provide a thorough and supporting explanation for each answer. Week1 Topic 1 | To survive in a highly competitive environment, a business organization must adapt and change (evolve). Successful organizations seek continuous improvement in how they create and deliver products and services. This can include changing existing processes or inventing new processes. Such process changes are made utilizing a myriad of different methodologies including (but not limited to) CIMM, TQM, Six Sigma, Balanced Scorecard and

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