Psychological Profile of Lesbia

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Psychological Profile of Lesbia The Roman poet Catullus has written many poems about his lover Lesbia. These poems give great detail into the emotions, and feelings that Catullus has towards her. In the beginning his poems mostly pertained to lust, love and happiness. However, as time goes on there is a shift in the mood of the poems, as the relationship between the two lovers changed. Lesbia's character is slowly revealed through the words of Catullus's broken heart. She is shown to be a passionate lover, who gets physically and emotionally involved with many men. This is made evident in many of his poems, although, it is outlined very well within Catullus's 2nd, 11th, and 72nd poems. In poem number two Catullus gives insight into Lesbia's character by talking about how she finds comfort in another man. Catullus says “for there are times when my desired, shinning lady is moved to turn to you for comfort, to find (as I imagine) ease for ador, solace, a little respite from her sorrow” (2, 8). This shows that Lesbia uses other men for emotional purposes, in addition to Catullus. Poem number eleven goes even further, by talking about the many guys that Lesbia pleases. Catullus says “May she have joy and profit from her cocksmen, go down embracing hundreds all together, never with love, but without interruption winging their balls dry” (11, 7-20). This gives us the understanding that Lesbia is someone who is more concerned with numerous sexual encounters than with love. There is also a sense that Lesbia manipulated Catullus with her words and promised the world, even though she never planned on staying with him, in poem number 72. Catullus says “You used to say that you wished to know only Catullus, Lesbia, and wouldn't take even Jove before me” (72, 1-2). This manipulation over time makes Catullus bitter towards her, which causes him to think of her as “utterly
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