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Short Essay How effective is Act 1 Scene 3 in setting up the character relationships and conflicts which will unfold in the remainder of the play? In your answer, make detailed reference to the scene. Find quotes and explain. Act 1 Scene 3 is effective in setting up character relationships and conflicts. It shows this in certain quotes that describe and show off a character’s personality. It shows conflict that will unfold later on in the play and things that characters say display their personality and relationships with other people. In this scene Othello defends his love for Desdemona and why she has fallen in love with him, as her father believes he has used charms and spells to seduce her. Othello reveals to Brabantio that Desdemona fell in love with his stories of war and his differences to anyone she has ever met. This shows Othello and Desdemona’s devotion and commitment to each other and gives the audience an insight into the character of Othello and his origins and life of war. A quote such as “she loved me for the dangers I had passed, and I loved her that she did pity them. This is the only witchcraft I have used.” Othello says when he is describing his love for Desdemona. This sets up his character relationship with Desdemona because he is constantly saying how much he loves her. Iago is seen at being ‘honest’ and trusted by all the characters. He shows us his obsession with himself, revenge and his enemies. Iago shows us an insight into his thoughts and actions as he has frequent soliloquies. Iago’s cunning nature and ability to manipulate characters becomes evident, form getting Roderigo to reveal the marriage of Othello to Desdemona, to, the manipulation of Roderigo as he becomes his accomplice, unknowingly. During this scene, Iago reveals to Roderigo that Othello and Desdemona’s marriage was bound to end soon and asks Roderigo to assist him in

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