Zhongzi, Please & the Beginning of the Song That Diverts the Heart Pattern 1: Block Form

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Zhongzi, Please & The Beginning of the Song that Diverts the Heart Pattern 1: Block Form Introduction Early Chinese and Egyptian ideologies expose the difficulties of love within their prose. Each contain a passionate plot that weaves the issues feminine chastity. During the course of ancient times, the suitable activities for premarital sexual conduct with men where set by the title role of women. As seen in the Chinese poem “Zhongzi, Please,” readers can pinpoint the conservativeness of the female role. Furthermore, this role can be understood as fearful of the criticism that society (during that time period) has when a woman is seen with a man. Likewise, the peculiarity of this aspect can be comprehended within the Egyptian poem “The Beginning of the Song that Diverts the Heart”. This ancient poem is centered upon a recalcitrant woman. Her undertaking was to sway the man she loved to engage in an ascetic relationship. The similarities can be evidently understood and recognized within “Zhongzi, Please,” and “The Beginning of the Song that Diverts the Heart”. This is due to the response of the women described in the poems. The similarities include unique cultural beliefs. That effected the way love was understood and acted upon within the writings. Zhongzi, Please Within the poem “Zhongzi, Please”, the teachings of Confucius are evident. The aspects of veneration and submission are strengthened many times throughout the poem through repetition. This can been noticed through the depiction of the female’s response to her paramour. It was thought to be a sign of respect to use the word “please” and was used in the poem several times. Furthermore, it was used in a kind way to ask her love interest to withdraw on his adoring advances. Yet, the use of the word “please” can be noted as a way the woman tactfully strategized a way
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