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Team Personality Trait Joseph Ogle PSY250 4/3/2010 Hecht Den Team Personality Trait Team Personality Traits According to (Rentfrow, J.2009).personality is a theoretical framework in which we understand general components of our personality that seem to be the most important in our social and interpersonal interactions with others. These Big Five personality traits are; Extraversion; (your level of sociability and enthusiasm) Agreeableness; (your level of friendliness and kindness).Conscientiousness; (your level of organization and work ethic). Emotional stability; (your level of calmness and tranquility). Intellect ;( your level of creativity and curiosity). The Big Five personality dimensions provide a very broad overview of…show more content…
In class she is very different quite, shy and sometimes feeling out of place. Agreeableness was 5, which is considered high that indicates a strong interest in others' needs and well-being. She is pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative. Zahra score on Conscientiousness is high. This means she set’s clear goals and pursue them with determination; People regard you as reliable and hard-working. She also scored on emotional stability was 4.4, which is considered high. It is in approximately the 76th percentile for females between 20 and 40 years old. Zahra is calm, composed and unflappable. She does not react with intense emotions, even to situations that most people would describe as stressful. I do agree on this test from what I have seen in the classroom these test results is just a little accurate. Openness to Experience is high, indicating she enjoy novelty, variety, and change. Zahra is curious, imaginative, and creative; I could also tell by the way she likes to dress always with accessories to make her outfits look even nicer. Zahra got a score of 3.5 so she is in between Extraversion and introvert: she enjoys being with her family, she can be sociable, outgoing, energetic, and lively. In class she is very…show more content…
A personality trait has given the team member a vision into every one’s personality through that outcome team can communicate and work together effectively to accomplish tasks. team personalities mostly contain similar score assessment for low, average, and high across the Big Five personality traits signifying that this should be appreciated to group underlying forces It is important to recognize and leverage the unique contributions that each type makes to a team. By understanding the different approaches, strengths and weaknesses of the type, the group can improve performance by influencing team members’ natural strengths. Understanding these types, both of oneself and of others, can help team members open themselves to different perspectives and thus more effectively solve problems, resolve conflicts and improve collaboration and team cohesiveness. ("Jung typology for,"

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