Psalms vs Proverbs

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During the time in which David and Solomon reigned, the literature written reached its peak. It was then that the Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs were written. These two works poetically expressed the praise and worship to God and taught people how to live their lives in a godly manner (Life Application Study Bible, 1997). Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord (Psalms 150:6). The Book of Psalms is a great collection of songs and prayers that express the heart and soul of humanity. There are 150 psalms in the Book of Psalms that were written over the span of 800 years. The psalms in this book represent the hymn book of Israel due to the fact that most of the Psalms written were made to be sung (Merrill, 1991.) David is known to have written 73 psalms, Asaph wrote 12, the sons of Korah wrote 9, Solomon wrote 2, Heman wrote 1, Ethan wrote 1, Moses wrote 1 and 51 are anonymous . Although 51 were anonymous, David was certainly the author of the majority of the Psalms (Brooke, 2005.) The Book of Psalms is divided into five books and five different mega themes (Life Application Study Bible, 1997). Book 1 of Psalms contains Psalms 1:1-41:13. This book discusses humans as being blessed, fallen and then redeemed by God. Book 2 covers Psalms 42:1 through 72:20. In this book many of the psalms describe the nation as ruined and then recovered by God. The next book is Book 3. Book 3 contains Psalms 73:1 through 89:52. In this book the psalms discuss God’s enthronement and his temple. They also praise God for his holiness and talk about God deserving our worship. Book 4 covers Psalms 90:1 through 106:48. Most of this book discusses the relationship Israel has with its surrounding nations. Book five contains Psalms 107:1-150:6. This collection was used mainly in worship accompanied by music. They praise God and thank him for
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