Metaphors in Parables Essay

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The Kingdom of God is like… Laureen M. Warner Grand Canyon University BIB 105 July 11, 2012 Laureen M. Warner BIB 105 New Testament July 11, 2012 Professor Joseph Roach The Kingdom of God is like a Promise The Book of Luke in the Bible records many parables that Jesus told about discipleship and the Kingdom Of God. Much of Jesus teachings were done in parables. The metaphors that were used in these stories reflected the day and age of their use. In Kim Tame’s article, The Kingdom of God is like this, the use of a metaphor for the Kingdom of God was explored by church congregations. The Congregants were challenged to come up with some of their own metaphors to describe and illustrate from everyday life how God feels about us, and what God’s kingdom is like (Tame K, 2005). In this essay I will explore two different metaphors; one from the material written by Tame, and one from my own experience that reminds me what the Kingdom of God is like today and how I see Jesus modeling that kingdom for us. The first metaphor comes from a story about a secretary in Tame’s paper and her struggle with her new computer, she had shared that she had to keep reading the manual and that it would take a great amount of exploration and commitment to get the best out of the machine. One could look at this metaphor and draw the conclusion that the computer represented The Kingdom of God. Yet with some exploration in our case reading the Bible one could not only understand how faith functions, but one could become literate operating within it. The Metaphor I would use is a promise. This promise involves Mater the truck from the Disney Cars movie and to me it represents the fullness of the Kingdom of God and the promise of the Messiah in a very special way. My three year old grandson confronting his grandfather’s death had a conversation
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