Flannery O Connor Wise Blood Analysis

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A Car and A Church Flannery O’ Connor’s novel Wise Blood (1952) is the story of a very confused man named Hazel Motes who lives in Taulkinham, Tennessee. Hazel has recently been let go from the military due to his injuries. During Hazel’s time spent in the military, he is told that he does not have a soul and believes this assumption. His grandfather was a preacher who taught Christianity from the hood of his car and also traveled. Hazel later creates his own church after he witnessed a blind man preaching about Christianity in the streets. At first, Hazel believes the preacher is sincere but later realizes the man is not actually blind but preaches for money. Hazel names his church the Church Without Christ. Ultimately, a person does not have to be clean in order to be saved at his church. Hazel buys a car, the Essex, to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and preach from the hood of it. Hazel and his grandfather believed two different things. Hazel’s grandfather preached about Christianity, while Hazel preached about there being a new Jesus to appear and reveal his face. Essentially Hazel’s car and his church, the Church Without Christ, both symbolize the soul in a state of sin, and Hazel is the example of a person whose…show more content…
He stands on the hood of the car to preach like his grandfather once did. Hazel’s grandfather focused on Christianity while Hazel believes there is no Jesus. Hazel changes his location often to new parks to preach to the citizens passing by: “The next night, Haze parked the Essex in front of the Odean Theatre and climbed up on it and began to preach” (166). Here Hazel preaches about his new church, the Church Without Christ from the hood of his car. Learning from experience, Hazel gets to the point where he preaches the whole religion in only one
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