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Shelly Brown 109.02 English Andrew Kinney Parody The parody “What Would Jesus Buy” is a serious mockumentary. A mockumentary is a documentary recording real life, but is actually fictional. They are often used to analyze current events and issues by using a fictional setting. Spurlock has done many serious documentaries but none like this one. Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir travel around the country preaching about the frivolous shopping done at Christmas time. They preach about the addiction of consumerism instead of what you would expect a real preacher to be preaching against. Reverend Billy’s tone of voice is of a typical televangelist preacher. He sounds very serious but still in a mocking manner. Rev. Billy and the choir march down the street with Mickey and Minnie being crucified. The Rev. is screaming, “Repent, before the shopocalypse comes.” The shopocalypse is when everyone will be judged for the money they spend and what they spent it on. He believes that shopping has become an addiction like…show more content…
There are two cultural practices in this film. One is the event of going to church on a regular basis and the other is shopping and spending money. There is seriousness about church, Mary, and the Baby Jesus but in this film, the practice of going to church is not taken seriously at all. Not one time do you see Rev. Billy in a church? He is always in the mall, Wal-Mart, and other dept. stores. I believe that some consumers believe there mall is their church. Shopping and spending money is another cultural practice that is taken lightly. Catching our favorite sweater on sale has become our heaven and missing the sale has become our hell. What happens if our credit cards are denied? Is this our shopocalypse? I don’t ever want to

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