Symbolic Aspects of a Street Car Named Desire

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My beliefs are very important to me. When I was young, I would be split between both of my parents. I never really understood why God would hurt me and take both of my parents out of my life. I was a very confused child about a lot 0f things. I do know that my faith was kind of thrown up in the air. I went two different churches, the religion and my beliefs. When my parents had split up and divorced I was very young. With this it meant that I went too two different churches. Even though I was brought up catholic, I attended a church with my mom and step-dad that was sanctified. To be honest it really didn’t matter what church I attended as long as I was taught about God. When I was with my dad I would always go to a catholic church with my nanny. The two of the churches taught differently. I didn’t mind as long as I was going. My beliefs are strong about God. A lot of my beliefs are from my dad’s parents. My grandmother always told me that I had to go to church if I ever wanted to get married in a Catholic church. She said you can’t fake your way through it. So when it came time to me wanting to get married she was right. I had stepped away from going to church for a long time once I had gotten older. There were so many hoops I had to go through just so I could get married in the Catholic Church. I should have listened to her from the jump but I was hard headed. I never thought there was going to be so much stuff to do. I wouldn’t change anything I had to do just so I could get married in the church. I am a catholic. I live by the catholic ways. During Lent I will not eat meat on Fridays. Now don’t get me wrong sometime I do mess up and forget what day it is and being human I eat meat. To be honest I love Lent because that is the time I can eat all the seafood I want and I cannot fuss about it. This time of the year makes me really happy. My grandmother use to
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