Conversion Testimony Essay

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Conversion Testimony I have not always been a Christian. Having been raised by my mother and step-father that are committed Christians; I have been attending to church all of my life but I did not understand what was going on due to no Sign Language Interpreter. I used to think that church was just family and friends gathering on every Sunday. No one sat down with me and made sure that I understood. They just assumed that I was a deaf and dumb. When I was nine years old, my grandfather passed away right in the front of me. I watched him taking his own last breath. On that night, I started to wonder where we will go after we die. I asked my Step-Father, he realized that I knew nothing about the church. He started to question me and saw that I always have assumed it was just family and friends gathering around and sharing the stories at nice brick building. On that night, he took his time to introduce me to Jesus Christ and explained about how He created the Earth and His life on the Earth. After that, he made sure that I had a Sign Language Interpreter at our church for the rest of my life. For twenty years, I was very involved in my church such as serving, praying, signing, and teaching. As soon as I was old enough, my parents encouraged me to be part of missionary group at my church, so I traveled to Jamaica every two years to reach the unreached people including deaf people, plant churches, clothe them with the clothes, and helping out with the foster children. While I was doing that, I did not develop a relationship with God. I did pray but it was not really heartfelt prayers. I served but I only served for the church people, not for God. I praised the Lord only at church but nothing from my time alone. I did read the Bible but with no hunger to learn. I did memorize the Bible stories but it was from the church, not from my own time. While I was not having a
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