Paul, the Apostle Essay

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY The LIFE AND MINISTRY OF PAUL THE APOSTLE A RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED TO Dr. LORNE A. MCCUNE IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COURSE NBST 522 LIBERTY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY BY BRYON GROSVALET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 SAUL OF TARSUS 3 The Early Years 4 Saul Receives Rabbinical Training 6 Saul is Zealous to Defend the Jewish Faith 7 SAUL'S CONVERSION TO CHRISTIANITY 10 Jesus Disciples Saul 12 Saul is Zealous for the Christian Faith 13 God Prepares Saul for the Work of the Ministry 14 Saul Ministers to the Believers at Antioch 14 PAUL’S MISSIONARY JOURNEYS 16 Paul’s First Missionary Journey 16 Paul’s Secord Missionary Journey 19 Paul’s Third Missionary Journey 20 CONCLUSION 24 BIBLIOGRAPHY 25 INTRODUCTION Paul the Apostle was a very important man in the history of Christianity as a theologian, missionary, and writer of the New Testament. Ordained by God, he was one of the major interpreter’s of the teachings of Jesus Christ. During 30 years of ministry, Paul wrote 13 epistles of the New Testament while under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The epistles address the life, death, resurrection of Christ and its implications for all humanity. In His divine wisdom, the Lord foresaw that Paul would best fulfill His plan to spread the gospel of the resurrected Christ to the entire known western world in order to reach His people with the story of redemption. By outlining the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul the reader will discover, in short order, how God prepared and used Paul to reach "the whole world" with the gospel of Jesus Christ. SAUL OF TARSUS There are some men who have had a profound effect on the spread of Christianity. Men such as the Protestant Reformers Martin Luther, John Calvin, and

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