Prospero’s Language Evaluation Assessment

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Prospero’s Language Evaluation Assessment Prospero is one of the main characters and plays the most significant role in Shakespeare’s swan song, The Tempest. Prospero is one of Shakespeare’s more enigmatic protagonists. He is a very powerful magician who enjoys using his magic as well as controlling people, although, he doesn’t use his magic to control them; he uses force, threatening and persuasion to be in command of his servants. He often uses emotional blackmail a lot with his favourite servant Ariel, such as guilt and manipulation, but on the other hand, he uses gnarled and horrific remarks to his grotesque servant, Caliban. He is a sympathetic character because of his treacherous, usurping brother, but his immense power over the other characters and his emotional speeches make him difficult to like. In 1.2 Prospero’s language shows a different range of emotions. At the beginning of the book, we find out that he lost his dukedom to his younger brother, Antonio, due to Prospero concentrating on his magic which consequently leads him to neglect his first duty, the governing of Milan. In lines 194-195, Prospero’s language shows a different range of emotions. Prospero’s attitude towards things can change significantly depending on who he is talking to, for example, when he talks to Miranda about things, he normally deals with the matter very calmly and maturely; when he is talking to Caliban he doesn’t accept any tolerance along with the fact that he just doesn’t care about him, Caliban is just a dirty slave to him; on the other hand, his other servant, Ariel, is more worthy to Prospero therefore, Prospero shows more respect to him. When Prospero is talking to his favourite spirit, Ariel, he replies to Prospero in a very devoted way which shows us that he can be very gallant. He also replies in a zero-tolerance way and I think that’s why Prospero treats Ariel
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