To What Extent Where the Chracter and Personal Problems of Henry Vi the Most Important Cause of War of the Roses?

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Henry VI was a weak character and personal issues, being mad and prone to favoritism among his nobles, was a major contribution to the Wars of the Roses. However also other factors such as his wife, Margret of Anjou, and the 100 years war between France is argued to have contributed majorly also. Henry VI suffered from mental illness, one personal problem he had. In 1453 England had lost Gascony, which is to be, said one of the reasons that lead to Henry’s mental break down which lasted 18 months. His condition was so bad he was said to have not even recognized the birth of his own son, Edward, which is a very proud moment for a king in the middle ages. Henry being in this catatonic state was no fit way to rule a kingdom. This meant that being in cable to rule he would leave his kingdom in the hands of another. A good king needs to be inspirational and a strong figurehead of parliament. He is supposed to have the most control, able to keep his people in line however due to his state he was not able to accomplish any of these necessary attributions of a king, therefore this would help contribute to the civil war outbreak, as a weak character in the position of a king isn’t good. In addition, Henry had a trait of having favorites among his nobility. This is shown by he gave out patronage to his favorites, Somerset and Suffolk, they were also made dukes in 1448. This would cause problems inside his nobility. Dukes were usually direct relatives of the king, however Suffolk and Somerset were not, where as Richard of York was. York being another big player in the nobility was upset by the favor to the other men and saw it as unfair. This action of Henry was not thought out clearly, it created friction between his main members in the nobility. The strongest powers begging to have issues with one another and spilt could be argued the bringing and most important cause
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