Othello: Who Is the Most Interesting Character in the Play?

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Essay Question; Who is the most interesting character in Shakespeare's Othello?

Shakespeare's Othello is a play that displays a range of themes, a contrast of personalities, and many interesting characters. However, one character stands out as by far the most interesting, and sophisticated of them all. Iago is one of the most notorious and mysterious villains of all time. Throughout the play, he is manipulative, deceptive controversial, and often without a clear motive. It is because of this questionable personality and ruthless disregard of morals and honesty that makes Iago the most interesting character in the play.

Iago is a heinous character and by no means halfwitted. His villainous character in accordance with intellect makes Iago a very powerful character. He exploits the advantages of passive aggressive manipulation, as a means of achieving so called retribution for Othello's overlooking of his promotion as lieutenant. His motive changes throughout the play, and is often controversial, if not indefinite. Iago is able to control and collect information to his advantage. His constant update of news from Othello, Emilia, Roderigo and other characters mean that he will always be a step ahead of other characters. In a story of nobleman, honor and valor, it is almost as if Iago is a breath of fresh air. Exceptionally unpredictable, his actions are thought provoking and often need to be analyzed by the audience.

Many themes are displayed throughout the play, one of which is appearance vs reality. This theme can especially relate to Iago's character. His deceiving appearance, as 'honest Iago' works to manipulate Othello by painting a picture of nobility, integrity and virtue, and exploiting his good will. His status as ensign to Othello cements his trustworthy relationship with the Moor. The reality of Iago's motives work against others in the play. He

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