Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Essay

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Describe a character in the novel who changes. Then explain how the author helps you understand this character. A character in the novel that noticeably changes would be the protagonist, Christopher. The Author, Haddon, develops this character so that it is easy for the reader to see Christopher’s opinions and we get to understand more and more just how Christopher’s mind works. Christopher changes into a stronger person mentally throughout the book. He is first represented as a boy with Asperger Syndrome, who is very blunt and does not understand the rules of socialism. He reacts quickly to situations he doesn’t understand or like by folding himself up into a ball and groaning, he also hates skin-ship with others as it makes him feel uneasy. “If a strange man touched me I would hit him, and I can hit people very hard.” As the book progresses Christopher finds himself in unfamiliar situations that make him have to face his issues, such as talking to strangers on his way to London, and allowing to be touched by his mother (even though he did not like it too much.) His sentences are always blunt and factual, there are never long describing words as Christopher thinks that it is far more logical to just say what you want to say without putting fancy adjectives in there. He also does not understand lies, and he does not like jokes because he thinks they are lies and lies aren’t the truth so they confuse him. Christopher changes in a slow way that a reader would only notice if they compared the Christopher at the start to the Christopher at the end of the novel. The development flows and does not suddenly happen; it progresses over the book. Christopher does not change an awful lot, but it is noticeable that his attitude has become slightly more lenient towards things he did not previously accept at the beginning of the novel. The novel is written in first person,
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