Prompt: Our Identity Is Influenced by How Others View Us.

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Prompt: Our identity is influenced by how others view us. Identity makes a big aspect of who we are as people. It's the personality that creates us regarding who we are as individuals. We are brought up to learn who we are and are recognised by our differences. Our identity is made up of many sources. Friends, family, peers and our own characteristics are factors of our character that make up a sense of our identity. Stereotyping is one of the biggest conflicts that misrepresent who we really are. We are misunderstood sometimes because of this issue as people who don't know who we really are, view us as something that we are not because of what they have heard, therefore affecting our identity. The relationships we have with others are the biggest factors that make up our identity and change who we are and how others view us.Our identity can be affected by those that surround us. We play different roles in the relationships we have, whether it'd be with your with our family, our neighbors or with our friends. Relationships are grown on similar interests and common thoughts and within each relationship, an identity grows similar to those who we spend our time with and this is what gives us a sense of belonging. We then become a part of a group that therefore leads to how we are seen through others. My religion brought me up to be who I am today. My tradition and culture are factors that make up a big part of me. My parents who were born in Lebanon and Syria, were brought up by rules which they passed on to their children. Having a lot of pride and respect for my religion and not being afraid to show everyone who I am, can be viewed by people in either a good or bad way. People from my community would view me as a respectful young woman because of the love i have for being Muslim, while others who don't understand my religion would view me as someone who

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