Promoting Health Through Interpersonal Relationships

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Many people believe that the term “health” refers just to how somebody is physically, however, it is about social and mental well-being as well. The term applies holistically. (World Health Organisation, 1948). Nurses need to promote this in each of their patients and can do so with effective communication. It is extremely important nurses can do this in different ways such as verbally and non-verbally and uphold the Principles of Nursing Practice set out by the Royal College of Nursing as the fifth of eight principles is related to effective communication.
Interpersonal communication is essential in the delivery of health information. Without it, health professionals would fail to assist and inform those without knowledge, in need of advice and support. Listening is significant when it comes to communication and is a key skill required by nursing staff. It is essential that patients know you care and want to help them. This is shown by making good use of the time spent with them, your tone, speed and volume of voice and listening carefully. Patients may divulge more information to nurses they trust due to the rapport that has been built, therefore it is vital to attempt to create as much of a close professional relationship as possible despite any barriers that may be in place.
This essay will analyse part of the BBC TV programme “Someone To Watch Over Me” (2004) and how Jo, a social worker promotes health through communicating with Adam and Kim, the parents of Kim’s fourth child after her first three have previously been taken into care.
1a. A social model of health was determined by Dahlgren and Whitehead in 1991 which outlined the wider determinants of a person’s health. At the centre are constitutional factors such as Adam and Kim’s weight and mental health issues.

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