Progressive Tax vs. Flat Tax

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The United States has been using a progressive tax system, a system nearly a hundred years old and many have been starting to doubt its efficacy. Many have suggested that the US should change the progressive tax system to a flat tax system. Some prefer flat tax system since all income is treated “equally”. Others believe that the progressive tax system is the best system since it is based on citizen’s “ability to pay” the tax. Both tax systems have their pros and cons, but only one system is the best system to keep a good stable running economy in the United States. The progressive system is a system many would recommend for various reasons. This system creates social equality since it levels out the economy for the middle and lower class. This system also helps keep equal opportunities economically. This system recognizes that many people inherit their wealth. People state that it is unfair to take money that was worked for, but much of the income of the wealthy comes from inheritance. It would be morally wrong to tax people based on their income, if income only based on how hard people work, but this is not the case. Income varies differently based on many things like environment people were born into, family, education, and resources they had. A large factor of how income is distributed is based on luck. This tax also benefits the lower class tremendously since if the tax would be distributed evenly the lower class wouldn’t be able to pay taxes and would have a greater load on their hands. Payment of taxes is based on the opportunity to pay a certain amount of taxes if the lower classes had the opportunity to pay heavy taxes they would have to, but they can barely afford to pay bills let alone taxes and the wealthy want to take away money that people don’t even have. It many seem unfair to the upper class, but this system actually benefits them.

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