Professional Values & Ethics Paper

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Describe how professional values and ethics can influence career success: As previously defined professional ethics are a moral value one takes in the specialized knowledge of their business which can discern over time. Most business owners are generally in dispute with moral obligations and ethical conduct in the work place environment. For instance, some business owners may have clients that receive special benefits or items that they can sometimes bribe or use to their advantage. This is both ethically and morally wrong. Although it would appear wise to accept gifts or provide gifts to another company to earn their business you are in fact interfering with normal business practices and in most companies can be a reason for termination for such actions. Successful careers are not built by the gifts or bribes one receives but by the determination of professional individuals whose physical and mental labor is the foundation of any profitable business. While professional ethics are the mold that results from the morally obligation to provide fair and equal treatment to others, professional values are the substance that is engulfed by smart business practices and mission statements. Certain Mission Statements can include particular values such as a specific services that are responsible for providing their customers the services or products they demand. Examples of some mission statements are listed in table 1 below. As you can see from CVS Caremark’s mission statement; Innovation is not only our mission it is our passion. CVS Caremark is the leading innovator in health and pharmacy

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