What is professional practice?

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This paper takes a look at what I feel professional practice from evaluation of the experience I have had so far both in the classroom as a PGCE student, and on placement as a teacher/tutor. I will also look at and what I feel I need to do to maintain professional practice in my next 12 months as a teacher. I will start by defining ‘professional practice’ and what experience I have had so far. I will reflect on some of the theories of teaching and how useful they may have been in my practice so far then look at the induction and learner support of students, the planning and preparation of lesson and resources with evaluation of how effective I thought they were. I will then look at ways I have assessed learners. The summary will draw together my reflections of practice so far and highlight improvements so far in the format of a professional action plan which will help me maintain professional status and practice professionally, in my position as Business Studies Teacher in Prince William School and Sixth Form in Oundle and later if I return to FE as a Teacher of Business Studies. What is professional practice? (Learning outcomes 1) Before I can reflect on my practice so far it is worth me thinking about what professional practice is. As a graduate I spent many years as an Operations and Unit manager in retail and hospitality and although my service and qualifications entitled me to be part of a trade professional body which set out their own code of ethics, the public would not have considered me in the same light as a doctor or teacher. Why would this be and what difference would my practice be as a teacher in FE/HE? There are many different definitions but I thought it was useful looking at the words separately. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teacher says; “Teachers are considered professionals on a par with doctors and lawyers, because
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