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Problems at Jetblue Gabriela Monstein BUX/219 7/1/2011 Problems at JetBlue The problems JetBlue experienced during the Valentines Day storm of 2007 were strictly related to technological issues. JetBlue was unprepared and unequipped for the worst case scenarios that took place during the storm. The main issue JetBlue faced began when the only way passengers would rebook or reschedule flights was through a call system. JetBlue had failed to set up a way to book flights via the JetBlue website or through a kiosk located at the airports. The Navataire Call system could only accommodate 650 agents, which was more than met requirements during normal circumstances (Rainer, 2010). The next issue arose when passengers struggled to get through reservations, because JetBlue had no computerized system in place for recording or tracking lost baggage another nightmare began. I believe that all of the issues JetBlue face during the 2007 storm could have been prevented if the technology had been in place before hand. It was a hug lesson learned for JetBlue, and they were quick to adjust and expand systems and put in place ones needed that were missing. If I were apart of the JetBlue team I would have build systems that were prepared for disasters like this. Having a system that could accommodate high call volumes is very important for any business. It was because JetBlue didn’t use technology to their advantage in the first place that these problems occurred. If they would have set up application for tracking luggage before the company started, they wouldn’t have taken 3 day to short out bags. Being prepared for the worst is always an advantage for any company. References Rainer, K. R. (2010). Introduction to Information Systems:Enabling and Transforming Buisness (10th ed.).

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