How September 11th Changed America

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September 11th, 2001. The day that changed America forever, the day that has been commonly referred to as the modern-day Pearl Harbor. The day Americans realized just how vulnerable they really are. On that fateful day according to the official story, America was attacked by Islamic extremists masterminded by the terrorist organization of AL-Qaida led by the most wanted man in the world, Osama Bin laden. September 11th has since then dramatically changed much of our foreign policy, has allowed for the war on terror in 2 countries of the middle east, and has been used to allow for additional security measures to be taken to ensure the national security of the country (The Patriot Act), and also the creation of the Bush Doctrine, but all…show more content…
Even professional commercial pilots who have had decades of experience admit that they themselves would be challenged or completely be unable to pull of these fantastic aeronautical maneuvers achieved by these supposed terrorists pilots. Furthermore the flight instructors of these terrorist pilots which instructed them in flight school have publicly stated on several occasions that they could barely fly a private jet, and to believe that they could fly a commercial jet airliner the way they did is impossible. Therefore while keeping all this in mind it is very plausible that these terrorists pilots never flew the plane at all, but instead these planes were controlled by an advanced technology known as the GPS-Guided Aircraft Autopilot System, which simply means that the planes were controlled and directed by advanced computer technology, capable of both having no human pilot to fly the plane and as well as having the ability to perform incredible aeronautical maneuvers as reported in the 9/11 Commissions Report. There are several pilots in the 9/11 truth movements and more than hundred and fifty plus have willingly come forward claiming that they doubt the official story regarding the terrorists pilots abilities. One of the Co-Founders Ro Balsamo, a commercial…show more content…
If the temperature did become high enough for collapse to occur it could not have happened in the observed manner. In particular it could not have been sudden and thus could not have produced the velocity, and hence the momentum and kinetic energy, upon which the official story depends for the second stage of collapse. In contrast, all observations are in accord with the use of explosives in a timed sequence the case that the NIST report must be corrected is confirmed. If this report is not corrected the suspicion will remain that its purpose was not so much to inform as to deceive.” Legge also goes on to give at least 10 solid examples of how improbable and most likely impossible some of these events were and how NIST’s own data reflects that, here is just one, “The steel in the towers never did achieve temperatures sufficient to begin collapsing. NIST reports that very few samples of steel showed evidence of having been at temperatures higher than 250oC. For collapse to become a possibility the steel would have to be over 650oC and at that temperature it would be red-hot, yet no red-hot steel was observed prior to collapse. The NIST simulation

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