Personal Narrative: Air Canada's Infamous Infrastructure

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Air Canada’s Infamous Infrastructure It is 6:45 in the morning and I cannot stop thinking about the long trek I have ahead of me. Nine and half hours of flying, with a total of thirteen hours of total travel, that leaves three and half hours of waiting around! I am definitely not looking forward to this. Okay enough whining, I better go meet up with my team. Travelling with my team is definitely less stressful then when I do it myself. Linda, our team manager, basically takes care of all the details, I just basically have to wait in the check-in line show my ID and get onto the airplane. I step through the automatic door to see my team-mates waiting in a ridiculously long line. Our plane is scheduled to leave in an hour but I swear there…show more content…
Each reveals something an inexperienced flyer would not otherwise know when he/she clicks their mouse to purchase an airline ticket online. When people book their tickets on the internet, most do not “Google” the quality of customer service they will receive from one airline compared to another; most are more concerned with the basics such as, prices, flight times, departure/arrival locations etc. A customer demand Air Canada has, for the most part, a history of meeting. If this is the case, then how was it that West Jet was even able to step on the grounds of Air Canada’s playing field? How do they continue to thrive against Canada’s airline industry leader? Two words sum their success- customer loyalty. West Jet is even widely known for their inviting corporate motto: “Fly the Friendly…show more content…
A passenger that has just handed their life over to the airline. After considering the apparent safety issues when considering flying, why pick one airline over the other? If you asked this question to any employee or previous passenger of a WestJet flight, they would give you hundreds of reasons to fly with WestJet. The prominent reason is their outstanding customer service. The airlines customer service is legendary across the continent, and is a vital part of their no-hassle promise to guests. Their people are friendly, helpful, and love their jobs – their positive attitude is absolutely infectious. The customer service at WestJet is among the highest in Canada, and makes up for on 3 percent of airline complaints in Canada. There are no aspects of customer service that WestJet falls short

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