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Problem Face by College Student Essay

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Nowadays, local and international new college students are facing a lot of problems. Their main campus living environment is pressure of study and has to adapt to the environment rapidly. In a certain sense, is to adapt to the school environment. Face from high school to college campus life changing environment of campus life environment, some new college student lack of ideological and psychological preparation, combined with a lot of new college students to live independently is not strong, so there is a lot of difficulties and problems adaptability in their daily lives. The problems that faced by the new college students between local and international students has been attributed to pressure of study, interpersonal relationship, cost of living, adaptability of students, and registration for new intake students.
First, local and international new college students are facing pressure of study. They have a lot of homework and assignment must be proceed and accomplished that is because the period time of they do assignment is short and they just have the limited time to do it. They are also facing pressure of midterm and final so they must practice and complete it as soon as possible. Then, group members not cooperate with each member. When starting a group for doing assignment, some of group members are very lazy to do the assignment or any kind of discussion. They always give many excuses to refuse and absent the group discussion. They are refused to do the assignment because they don’t really understand what they need to do and don’t know how to start the assignment. The reason they don’t know how to start it because the lecture given the question of the assignment and study case are not directly and uncertainty. Their ability of English is not very strong and poor to express and explain about the content of the assignment. So, assignment is really let them felt it is difficult task....

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