Patricia Bizzell: Clashes In Higher Education

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Clashes in Higher Education Some students that are beginning their higher education such as university or college will have what Patricia Bizzell calls clashes. Some being clashes among dialect, some will be clashes among discourse and others in ways of thinking. It’s a difficult topic as there are academics that don’t trust the discussion at all and then there are others that believe and agree wholeheartedly. My essay will be discussing Patricia Bizzell’s thesis. Firstly, the clash of dialect. The term clash among dialects is referring to the distance between a student’s home dialect and Standard English. Standard English is used as University language and a student’s home dialect is the language or ‘word usage’ they would use casually outside university. Having to adjust to…show more content…
Standard English isn’t a hard concept to learn, it’s essentially the adjustment from one language to another. For example, if an Australian were to move to another country such as India, without any prior knowledge to the Hindu language, there would be major confusion. Although, the two situations are different, the outcome is still the same. University students experience various levels of culture shock, particularly if they’re new students without assistance adjusting. Secondly, the clash among discourse. This is a big issue. Dictionary definition of discourse is ‘verbal expression in speech or writing’ or ‘a formal, lengthy discussion of a subject either written or spoken’. Students begin university, they see things they recognize, and that’s what they want to communicate about. Discourse proves difficult for the newer students as they aren’t familiar with university curriculum. Students will use sources familiar to them such as soap operas or grammar-school history lessons for discussion

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