Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care Essay

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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care. Assignment 205 Task A Ai) what is meant by the different types of abuse? Aii) signs and symptoms of different abuse Physical abuse:- Abuse can often show a physical effects and symptoms, these are likely to be accompanied by emotional signs and changes in behaviour but sometimes this is not always the case. Physical abuse includes: * Hitting * Slapping * Pushing * Pinching * Force feeding * Kicking * Burning/scalding * Misuse of medication or restraint * Refusing access to toilet facilities * Leaving people in wet and soiled clothing or bedding Potential indicators of physical abuse:- * Multiple bruising of finger marks (especially in well protected places like inner arm or thighs * Fractures * Scratches or cuts * Pressure ulcers and sores from wet bedding/clothing * Black eyes or bruised ears * Scolds or cigarette burns * A lot of unexplained minor falls or injuries * Weight loss * Mood changes/withdrawn * Carers resistance to allowing people to visit Sexual abuse:- Sexual abuse, within adults or children can also involve abuse for power. Physical signs:- * Bruises, scratches, burns or bite marks on the individual * Scratches, abrasions or persistent infections in the anal/genital areas * Pregnancy * Recurring genital or urinary infections * Blood or marks on underwear * Abdominal pain with no diagnosable cause Behavioural signs:- * Prostitution * Sexual abuse of others * Self-harm, self-destructive behaviour including alcohol and drug abuse, history of suicide attempts * Disappearing from home environment * Aggression, anxiety, tearfulness * Frequent masturbation * Refusal to undress for activities such as swimming/bath Sexual abuse
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